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PNG hat Photoshop plugin

a better way to slice Photoshop design
$39.99Buy PNG Hat now
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Reinvented Photoshop slicing

Select. Export. Go live.

Select layers you want, click export and you are ready to publish. What? Our Photoshop plugin automatically uploads assets to the server and with defined HTML/CSS templates you can paste the picture directly into your code. It’s that fast…

  • Photoshop
    45 sec
  • vs.
  • PNG Hat
    10 sec

What’s under the hat?

It looks like a little plugin but there is a lot under the hood. Brilliant compression, Base64 encoding, output preview and server upload makes PNG Hat truly a state of the art.

File compression

Smaller loads faster.

Image optimization can drastically decrease loading time of your site. We carefully picked the 3 best compression optimizers and combined them to give you the best result possible.

  • Photoshop: -10% size reduction
  • vs
  • PNG Hat: -70% size reduction
See compression test results

3 Compression processors:- PNG Crush - PNG quant - opti PNG -

Base64 encoding
Base64 encoding

Your site that bit faster

Instead of multiple server requests for image files, you can make just one request. Replace all the small images with base64 strings generated from PNG Hat and make your site a bit faster.

How does base64 work?
Output preview

Copy & paste to implement

Make your transition from Photoshop a bit less annoying. File preview, quick image properties and autogenerated code snippets ready to be pasted into your code.

  • HTML template
  • CSS template
  • Obj C template
Source rocks!
<img src="image.png" alt="Source">
.image {
width: 206px;
height: 16px;
background: url
Image scale
Image scale

One design. All resolutions.

Designing for multiple resolutions also means multiple designs. With PNG Hat you only need to design once. Just choose to scale up or scale down your vector shapes and your retina graphics are ready.

Image upload

Go live right away beta

PNG Hat uploads exported images to the server so that the image is instantly available online. We're testing this feature on our servers and we plan on adding custom server options.

1GB of free storage

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